Svatopluk Pitra

paintinfs, graphics, drawings


The exhibition was presented by PhDr. Ladislav Kesnerem  st. Graphics work and paintings of Svatopluk Pitra (1923 - 1993) are the general public still unknown. Witnesses may remember his illustration Jirotková Saturnin or his distinctive animated films (the film Three Men and even won the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival). Despite the general awareness of its name unfortunately still missing. Most of his creative life to the place overseas. In 1963 he left Pitra first to Canada and then to the United States, where he lived until his death in 1993. Since then, the Czech public is waiting for his first monographic retrospective exhibition and publication. At the Bethlehem Chapel Gallery is exposed section of his life work - the ink is exposed to the satirical cartoons, designs, records, oil paintings, which he devoted himself to the end of life.