Zbyněk Havlín

Zbyněk Havlín


was born in September 6th 1976 in Prague
title: MgA (Mag. Art.)

1992 – 1994: SOU – school for cabinet-maker in Prague
1994 – 1997: Vaclav Hollar School of Art, Prague (Graphic Design)
1998 – 2004: Studies at AVU (Academy of Fine Arts) Prague at the studios of Jiří Lindovský (Printing Graphics, from 1998 until 2000 ) and Milan Knížák (Intermedial Art, from 2000 until 2004)
2004: Diploma at AVU, studio price

Other Studies – Scholarships:
1998: Assistant for the International Symposium in Mikulov,1999: attended Lithography Symposium in Schärding (Upper Austria), 2002: Semester abroad in the University of Aberdeen - Faculty of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Design studio), Aberdeen (Scotland), supported by Sokrates/Erasmus-scholarship, 2003: Scholarship for the International Summer Academy in Salzburg (Sculpture Studio of Jody Fox), 2003: participation in an International Multimedia Symposium in Košice (Slovakia).

Exhibition History

Separate exhibitions:
2006: “As we like it”, BastArt Project, Herzogenburg, Austria
2006: Monastiri, Vienna, Austria
2005: “Das ist schön I“, BastArt Project, Galerie im Mauthaus, St.Nikola, Austria
2004: “Das ist schön II”, BastArt Project, Galerie N, Prague, Czech Republic
2004: Exhibition in the model, Modern Gallery – Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
2003: How they are ,“BastArt” group exhibition in Museum of Vojtech Loffler in Košice, Slovakia
1999: Castle, Roztoky at Prague , Czech Republic
1998: Club Atlantic Ostrava , Czech Republic
Selection form joined exhibitions:

2006: Tallinn Applied Art Triennial “Two close ones”,Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonian
2005: Cultural Centre - Forum Vebikus, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
2005: Galerie Louvre, Národní třída 20, Prague, Czech Republic
2005: International Biennale of Contemporary Art - National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
2004: 57. Art salon, Polička, Galerie of the Town Polička, Czech Republic
2004: Exhibition of students (Multimedial Art), Ledenburský palace, Prague, Czech Republic
2002: International workshop, Broumov, Czech Republic
2002 Performance around standing stones and resulting exhibition of photo- documentation from this action at the University Aberdeen, Faculty of Fine Arts, United Kingdom
2000: Book fair, Prague, Czech Republic
2000: Exhibition of the students of AVU, Peru
1998, 1999, 2000: Graphics of the Year, Old Town City Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
1999: Exhibition of the Graphics Studio students, Manes, Prague, Czech Republic
1998: “Green ”, AVU gallery , Prague, Czech Republic

Art prices:
2005: nominated for Henkel CEE Art Award price for modern drawing
2004: Studio price for diploma work
2001: nominated for the Hlavkova-art-price
From 2003 member of “BastArt” - international art group
Permanent exhibited in the collection of the National Gallery of Prague.
Permanent presentation in the Gallery XXL, Louny, CZ and Gallery Artkontakt, Brno;CZ