Adriena Šimotová

Adriena Šimotová

1926 – 2014

Adriena Šimotová among the personalities who significantly contributed to the formation of Czech fine art in the second half of the twentieth century. She studied with Vaclav Bostik, Stanislav Kolibal, married George John, Vera Janoušková, Vladimir Janousek, Alena Kucerova and the other was a member of the UB Group 12.

For the development of writers' works, as we can now assess, was probably the decisive period of the late sixties and early seventies. For the designer it was a period of personal and social pain and trials, in which not only passed on a human level, but has developed a unique and fully mature artistic personality. During this period the show has become a key theme of man exposed to often extreme life situations. This time in Czech art rather frekventovanému topic but unlike many male counterparts approached with a deep understanding of the subtle psychological shield often tense emotional state of the human soul. In the following decades, then this author's thematic orientation has evolved into a distinct artistic phenomenology of universal human dimension, with its graphic language became unmistakable  and in the European context.

foto: Karel Kuklík

CC BY-SA 4.0